What’s the Strangest Thing Ever Thrown by a Fan During a Baseball Game?


What's the Strangest Thing Ever Thrown by a Fan During a Baseball Game? Two weeks ago, in the midst of a four-game series in Anaheim, Angels fans let new Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford know how they felt about his choosing Boston over Los Angeles during the 2010 offseason — by throwing money at him.

Clearly, Angels fans still felt the need to express a few sour grapes toward the speedy outfielder for turning down their offer and deciding to take the $142 million offer from Boston instead. It was a strange occurrence, that’s for sure, but is it the strangest thing ever thrown at a baseball game?

Fans have an ideal perch above the baseball field, and while it’s a great vantage point to watch a game, it also gives angry fans great leverage if they feel like expressing their feelings through objects thrown onto the field.

Crawford wasn’t the first Red Sox outfielder to be the on-field target of angry fans. Back in 1999, a few Phillies fans, frustrated by the fact that J.D. Drew had opted not to play in Philadelphia two years earlier, threw a multitude of batteries at him while he was playing in the outfield. The situation was so disruptive that Drew had to be escorted off the field while the field crew cleaned up the sea of batteries that littered the ground.

Many baseball fans have made their displeasure with Barry Bonds‘ alleged steroid use known, but one fan at Petco Park in San Diego really wanted to get his point across when Bonds’ Giants were visiting the Padres in 2006. The fan threw an actual syringe in Bonds’ direction while he was standing on the field. Bonds himself removed the syringe, tossing it away from the field so that no one would get hurt.

As one of the main staples of taking in a baseball game, it comes as no surprise that food has found its way onto the baseball field on multiple occasions, but there are a few moments more memorable than others.

Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino filed a police report after he was showered with a beer in center while going up for a fly ball at Wrigley Field in 2009. The Flyin’ Hawaiian still made the out, but he wanted to make sure the outfield offender was punished for dousing him with a brew.

And then of course we have the notorious “pizza incident” at Fenway Park that sent NESN broadcasters Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy into hysterics. Though this didn’t involve a player, it did involve a play that brought Angels outfielder Garrett Anderson over to the stands to try and catch a foul ball. In the process, he knocked over two fans’ beers, which triggered another fan to throw a slice of pizza at the soaked Sox fans.

What is the strangest thing ever thrown by a fan at a baseball game? Share your thoughts below.

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