What’s the Best Baseball Giveaway Promotion?

by abournenesn

Jun 26, 2011

What's the Best Baseball Giveaway Promotion? Bobbleheads are so 2009.

Baseball fans have reveled in giveaway days for decades. There has been Bat Day and Dollar Dog Night, and who could forget Disco Demolition Night?

Teams have gotten more creative the last couple years. Sunday is "Kids Bucco Bands" day at PNC Park, where the Pittsburgh Pirates are giving away those funky shaped elastic bands all the kids are wearing on their wrists these days.

The minor leagues have always led the way with goofy promotions, though. They set a new standard in 2010.

The Charleston River Dogs honored head groundskeeper Mike Williams by turning his head into a Chia pet and handed it out to fans. The Iowa Cubs held a Player to Be Named Later bobblehead night; true to their word, they gave out a bobblehead of a player named Later.

Those items may not make anyone who didn't get one jealous, but this one surely will: The Lake County Captains gave out a replica of the famous leg lamp from the classic movie "A Christmas Story," which was filmed in nearby Cleveland.

For simplicity's sake, little can beat the Viewmaster given away by the Portland Beavers.

Perhaps the best promotion was the giveaway that wasn't. The Peoria Chiefs held a LeBron James championship ring night in which the Cubs farm club gave out replicas of the rings James and the Miami Heat didn't win as a result of losing in the NBA Finals. Fans went home empty-handed but happy.

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