Zdeno Chara Still Under Investigation in Montreal, As Police Plan to Interview Him Regarding Hit on Max PaciorettyZdeno Chara is still under investigation in Montreal for his hit on Max Pacioretty. Seriously.

 A CBC News report on Tuesday said that Montreal police plan to talk to the Bruins' captain in the next few weeks, as charges "still have not been ruled out."

The hit happened on March 8 in Montreal, and it involved Chara shoving Pacioretty into the glass stanchion between benches. It left Pacioretty with a concussion and a fractured vertebra. Chara was kicked out of the game but received no supplementary discipline from the NHL.

The fallout in Montreal was well-documented, with some fans clogging emergency telephone lines and Air Candada threatening to pull its sponsorship of the league. There were even reports that Chara was under police investigation, something which most folks believed to have blown over by now.

But the CBC report says that "the investigation was delayed because most of the witnesses were hockey players busy with the Stanley Cup Playoffs."

"We haven't met Chara, we don't have his version of the facts, and also at the end of it, [a report is] gonna be presented to a crown prosecutor, and this is the person who will decide whether there will be some accusations," Sgt. Ian Lafreniere said in the report.