Heidi Watney Gets Thrill of a Lifetime While Bungee Jumping at 'Birthplace' in New Zealand (Photos)Heidi Watney spent much of this year reporting on the Red Sox, traveling across the country with NESN putting in long days of seemingly never-ending work.

At season's end, it was time for a vacation to say the least.

Part of Heidi's postseason vacation took her to New Zealand where she got to try her hand at bungee jumping. While in New Zealand, Heidi visited AJ Hackett Bungy. The site of the first commercial jump in 1988, AJ Hackett Bungy is considered to be the birthplace of bungee jumping.

Heidi's jump came off of a bridge that was 150 feet above a river of turquoise water, providing an incredible scene. Luckily, Heidi has pictures to document the daredevil activity.

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