Tim Tebow Completes First Pass of Game with 3:58 Left in Third Quarter Against ChiefsFinally, the Denver Broncos' rugby experiment momentarily resembled modern football late in the third quarter on Sunday.

With 3:58 remaining in the third quarter, Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow completed his first pass of the game against the Chiefs. The 13-yard completion to Matt Willis on second down and 9 was Tebow's sixth pass attempt.

Somehow, the Broncos led 10-7 at the time, which says more about the Chiefs than it does about the Broncos.

Tebow's next pass attempt came five plays later, when he missed on a pass intended for Dante Rosario.

Tebow completed just one pass the rest of the way, but it was a 56-yard touchdown pass to Eric Decker that proved the difference in the 17-10 Denver win.