ESPN SkyCam Crashes to Ground During Insight Bowl, Nearly Hits Iowa Players (Video)


Look out below!

Players on Iowa and Oklahoma had to keep an eye to the sky on Friday night during the Insight Bowl, as ESPN's SkyCam came crashing down during the fourth quarter.

Iowa receiver Marvin McNutt was nearly hit by the Skycam and the wires that hold it up as Iowa broke its huddle.

Broadcaster Sean McDonough had some fun with the incident, and to make it even better, one of the school's bands was savvy enough to begin playing the "SportsCenter" theme song. 

ESPN has since released a statement, stating "We apologize for the accident. The independent company that operates SkyCam for us is in the midst of a thorough review to determine the cause of the problem. We will work with them and bowl officials to determine our future course of action. As always our primary concern will be the safety of fans and those on the field."

See the video of the crash below.

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