How Many Games Will the Red Sox Win in 2012 Under Bobby Valentine?


How Many Games Will the Red Sox Win in 2012 Under Bobby Valentine?Bobby Valentine officially became the manager of the Boston Red Sox on Thursday, wrapping up a search for a new skipper that began in September after Terry Francona stepped down from his post.

Yes, there are still some holes to be filled on the field– the closer role, designated hitter and right fielder all need some sorting out — but all in all, the Red Sox now have a new general manager, a new manager and a new season ahead with a chance to contend for a title.

Despite their historic slump in September, the Red Sox still finished the season with 90 wins. And for the middle part of the year, they were the best team in baseball. The core of that 2011 Red Sox squad will return in 2012 with Valentine at the helm and there's no guarantee of what will happen next.

The Red Sox are still a talented squad, but it remains to be seen how they will respond to how the 2011 campaign wrapped up. Will Valentine motivate the Sox to play like the world-class team they were between May and August? Or will their September swoon follow them into the new season?

Bobby Valentine is here and now fans can look ahead to 2012 with a fresh perspective. Expectations will be high, but now anything seems possible.

How many games will the Red Sox win in 2012 under Bobby Valentine?

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