Ravens Wide Reciever Torrey Smith Says He Knows Patriots Well From Playing MaddenAside from being a top-selling video game, Madden NFL 12 can apparently be used as a scouting tool as well.

Ravens rookie wide reciever Torrey Smith told The Capital in Maryland that he is familiar with the Patriots' inner workings because his brother always selects them when they play Madden together.

"The biggest thing about New England is my brother always picks them in Madden," Smith said. "They pretty much always have the best offense for some years in that game. I play with the Ravens all the time now."

If there's any consolation to Smith's statement, Madden has predicted the correct Super Bowl winner during EA Sports' annual simulation of the game six times in the past eight seasons.

Smith also told the newspaper that he knows the Patriots fairly well from real-life experiences.

"I pretty much did everything you could do with New England as far as the draft process goes," Smith said. "I met with them at the combine, did a private workout, and I saw them around a lot. They have a great coaching staff, and you can see with the way their track record has been they know how to win."