ESPN Uses Manny Ramirez’s Photo for Curtis Glencross’ Player Page (Photo)


We all make mistakes sometimes, but it seems as if ESPN has made a lot of them the past several weeks.

In early February, ESPN left a questionable headline up on its mobile website that could have been construed as racist, which got an employee fired. Also, one on-air talent said a similar phrase and got suspended for 30 days.

Now it comes to this:

ESPN Uses Manny Ramirez's Photo for Curtis Glencross' Player Page (Photo)

It's obviously not as dramatic a gaffe, but yes, that is Manny Ramirez in an Oakland Athletics uniform being presented as Curtis Glencross of the Calgary Flames.

Minor? Yes. But we'd like to see Manny get back on the diamond before trying his hand on the ice.

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