Report: IRS May Pursue Action Against Saints Players Who Received Bounty Payouts

If the Saints weren’t already in enough trouble with the NFL, now the IRS and U.S. government might be piling on.

The IRS and one other unnamed government agency are reportedly “poking around” the Saints bounty scandal to see if any illegal activity may have taken place. While a government source tells CBS Sports that the likelihood of the government taking action is “speculative at best,” there remains the possilbity that if more information comes out Uncle Sam might get more aggressive in his involvement.

Because the bounties were ostensibly paid out under the table, they could be construed as untaxed income that players did not report when filing their W-2’s. That’s a no-no, but with details still emerging and punishments being handed out elsewhere, the Saints might not get in too much hot water with the Feds after all.

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