Illinois High School Pitcher Drills Bird With Pitch, Evokes Memories of Randy Johnson’s Incident (Video)


You'd think the birds would've learned by now.  

Ryne Elvers, a pitcher for Sacred Heart-Griffin High School in Springfield, Ill., did his best Randy Johnson impersonation recently and sent feathers flying. Elvers delivered a pitch that struck a bird flying across the home-plate area.

Fortunately for this bird, it survived and flew away — unlike the one from the Johnson incident. Then again, The Big Unit's fastball frequently hit the high 90s, so that impact was a little more intense.

Nevertheless, Johnson's bird-shattering incident was one that few thought would ever be replicated. If this keeps up, the term "angry birds" might be more than just a time-killing game.

Check out Elvers' pitch in the video below.

Just for kicks, here's the Johnson incident.

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