College Baseball Player Soars Over Fence to Make Unbelievable Catch That Seals Victory (Video)



Any response other than that isn't really acceptable, as Lower Columbia College's Derrick Salberg made one of the most amazing catches you'll ever feast your eyes on Friday night.

Salberg leaped over the outfield fence to make an incredible grab. And not only was the catch impressive, but it was a game-saving snag in the ninth inning of a big game.

Everett was trailing 4-2 and had a runner on when Keone Kela blasted what looked to be game-tying home run to left field. Salberg wasn't having any of that, though, and showed some serious jumping ability to make the catch and secure the victory in the first round of the NWAACC Baseball Championships.

"By far the best catch I've ever made," Salberg said of the play. "I was waiting for the bullpen pitchers to tell me I was getting close to the fence. Thank God I didn't run into the fence, and I've got some hops."

Check out the video below to see the amazing catch, as words really don't do the play any justice.

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