Red Sox, Rays Tangle With Bench-Clearing Brawl in Ninth Inning (Video)


The Tampa Bay Rays were in the middle of a beatdown on Friday night, when the Red Sox decided to hit back — literally.

The Red Sox and Rays got themselves tangled up in a benches-clearing brawl on Friday night, and one so exhilarating that even the bench coaches were getting all amped up.

After Dustin Pedroia was beaned in the back during the sixth inning, Red Sox pitcher Franklin Morales made a point of it to retalliate by hitting Rays DH Luke Scott. An unhappy Scott started heading towards the mound in a fit of anger but a defensive Jarrod Saltalamacchia stopped things from escalating, for the moment at least.

Both dugouts (and bullpens) cleared out onto the field with players and coaches from both teams crowded out near the pitchers mound. They continually migrated closer to home plate, as both sides did their darndest to get in a few swings.

Boston bench coach Tim Bogar was one of the more active participants in the melee. Rays center fielder B.J. Upton could even be seen mouthing off to Red Sox fans.

Warnings were issued to both teams, but nobody was ejected. The Rays went on to win 7-4, and both teams will meet again Saturday in what is sure to be a tense affair.

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