Mike Leach Takes Shot at Craig James for Failed U.S. Senate Run


Mike Leach Takes Shot at Craig James for Failed U.S. Senate RunMike Leach doesn't pull any punches, even when he just happens to show up.

Leach, the former head coach of Texas Tech's football program, dropped by Texas Tech's final offseason practice on Thursday, and he had some interesting comments, according to The Dallas Morning News.

The most notable was a jab he took at Craig James, a former NFL running back and ESPN analyst whose son was at the center of Leach's controversial firing from Texas Tech in 2009.

James recently ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate, which Leach saw as an opportunity to slip in a jab.

"Well, I think the results were about what everybody expected. I share the same opinion that 97 percent of the others do," Leach reportedly said of James, who received just four percent of the vote in the Republican primary in Texas. "As a matter of fact, they had this poll in The Dallas Morning News who would have won between he and I and I'm proud to say that me and the public have as much in common."

In late March, The Dallas Morning News poll reportedly asked its readers, "Who would you vote for senator: Craig James or Mike Leach?" Leach received almost 96 percent of the votes.

Leach was suspended indefinitely on Dec. 28, 2009 for alleged inappropriate treatment of James' son, Adam James. He was fired days later for what the school called "a defiant act of insubordination" after refusing to apologize. Leach later claimed that the controversy stemmed from Craig James' constant lobbying for more playing time for his son.

Leach, who was apparently in the area for a football camp before deciding to stop at the Cowboys' practice Thursday, also discussed the problem he's having with collecting the money he's due for coaching Texas Tech in 2009.

"If you work all this year and at the end you don't get paid, you'll probably try to get your money I would think," Leach reportedly said. "It's obviously like your word is your [bond], you shake someone's hand, and that should be the case and I have a signed document that says I'm certainly due for 2009."

Leach led the Cowboys to the Alamo Bowl that season, although he wasn't able to coach his team in the big game.

"Together, you don't accomplish anything unless you work together with the fans," Leach reportedly said Thursday. "I think what we did together, the players, coaches, fans, everybody, I thought was a big 10 years and then obviously there was a little corruption involved with my ousting. I think there are certain people at Tech who lost a lot of credibility over that. I think the all the fans want to be proud of their university. Keep in mind they haven't even paid me for 2009."

Leach will now be getting paid by Washington State, which hired the coach last November.

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