London Olympics Viewers Slam NBC, Blast Tape Delay With #NBCFail Hashtag on Twitter


Part of America is made up of nice men and women who put in their day at work and then retreat to their TV in the den, flipping on the National Broadcast Corporation to watch their favorite gymnasts and swimmers, just like they did in 1988.

The rest of America is full of voracious, angry, pitchfork-wielding sports enthusiasts who don't understand why, in an era when so many people use Twitter and live streaming, NBC can't just abandon trying to milk money out of prime time and show events live.

The second group has come out in full force since the 2012 Summer Olympics kicked off in London on Friday night. First, viewers were upset that the Opening Ceremony wouldn't be streamed live. Now, as premier events finish in the morning or afternoon while NBC holds the footage until well into the evening, people are getting upset. In the age of the Internet and constant Twitter updates, they say, they're bound to find out the results long before they can watch, ruining the intrigue and surprise.

Complaints about tape delay aren't new, but as Olympics viewers find it increasingly difficult not to see spoilers, a hashtag has emerged on Twitter to collect all the complaints in one place: #NBCfail. We've collected a few for you to enjoy:


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Photo of the Day

 And that's the first medal for the United States. The archery team took silver, losing to Italy by just one arrow.

London Olympics Viewers Slam NBC, Blast Tape Delay With #NBCFail Hashtag on Twitter

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Quote of the Day

"I seriously think they got to take the diaper off this guy and let him play. Let him be a grown man."
— Jerry Rice, on how the San Francisco 49ers have handled quarterback Alex Smith, according to ESPN Audibles

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Maybe Jon Lester should wait two hours before every start.

Video of the Day

Colombia's game plan against the U.S.: Poke players in the eye.

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