Report: Lakers Prepared to Offer Andrew Bynum, Metta World Peace for Dwight HowardThe Dwight Howard saga is getting more interesting by the day.

Reports surfaced early Tuesday that the Nets were not out of the Howard sweepstakes despite trading for Joe Johnson. However, it looks like Brooklyn isn’t the only team prepared to make a strong push for the coveted big man.

The Lakers are prepared to offer Andrew Bynum and Metta World Peace to the Magic in a deal for Howard, according to Jarrod Rudolph of RealGM.

Such a deal would reportedly be contingent upon Howard signing an extension with the Lakers. Howard has said that he would only re-sign with one team, and would otherwise test the open market next offseason, though. It’s believed that that team is the Nets, so a deal involving the Lakers could run into some problems.

Rudolph reports that the Magic would also send Jason Richardson — who has two years and a player option for a third year remaining on his contract — to the Lakers as part of any deal.

While Rudolph was quick to point out that nothing is imminent and that we continue to work with strictly rumors, a potential Bynum-Howard swap is definitely interesting. The two are considered the best big men in the game and both appear to be unhappy in their current location, so it might make sense for both sides.

We shall see.