Robert Kraft Appears in Hilariously Strange Audition Video That’s Become Internet Sensation


Robert Kraft Appears in Hilariously Strange Audition Video That's Become Internet SensationRobert Kraft might have a career in acting if the whole ownership thing ever goes south.

A video has surfaced on the Internet in which Kraft can be seen reading lines as part of a casting audition for an upcoming movie. It appears he's doing so to help the lovely Ricki Noel Lander, a 32-year-old actress, who some have speculated is his girlfriend.

In the video that can only be described as strange, Kraft can be seen reading his lines in a rather dirty voice. The scene played out is one in which Kraft's character wants a dance from Lander's character, when all of a sudden a bouncer steps in. Kraft then gets upset with the bouncer, and things come to a head, with Kraft even dropping an F-bomb while he throws a punch.

Again, yes, strange is really the only way to describe this viral sensation involving the Patriots owner, but it's pretty funny, nonetheless.

And hey, Mr. Kraft was just helping out a "friend." There's certainly no harm in that.

Kraft issued a statement expressing regret about the video's release on Wednesday afternoon.

Warning: video contains strong language

A hat tip to Barstool for discovering this gem

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