Trey Hardee, Jen Kessy, Liu Xiang Among Olympic Athletes Wearing Kinesio Tape (Photos)After announcing its presence to the world via the blue- or black-clad left shoulder of Kerri Walsh Jennings in Beijing in 2008, kinesio tape has been back with a vengeance at the London Olympics.

The athletic tape — which has been around for decades but has come into vogue within the past few years — supposedly helps athletes deal with pain and injuries. But scientists and medical personnel are skeptical about the actual effects of the multicolored tape, likening the "benefits" to more of a placebo effect.

This particular taping method was supposedly designed by Japanese chiropractor and acupuncturist Kenzo Kase in 1979.

Even if kinesio tape is no better than your standard issue medical wrap, Olympic athletes have taken to it in hordes. It's been most prevalent in beach volleyball, but track athletes — among others — have also gotten in on the fad.

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