Usain Bolt Offered Unlimited McNuggets to Put ‘Fastest Man Alive’ Title to Ultimate Test

by NESN Staff

August 13, 2012

Usain Bolt Offered Unlimited McNuggets to Put 'Fastest Man Alive' Title to Ultimate TestUsain Bolt has proven time and again that he’s the “fastest man alive.” But is the Jamaican sprinter fast enough to compete with the world’s fastest online delivery service?

After taking home a few more gold medals in London this month, just adding to his collection, Bolt was offered the opportunity of a lifetime — some may say — according to Black Sports Online.

Shutl, a British-based web service company, sent the Olympic sprinter a letter asking him to be a spokesman for the company. Obviously, Bolt being the fastest man alive has plenty of appeal as a spokesman but the company’s ploy to get him on board was definitely an unusual one.

While most advertisers, like Puma or Gatorade, may offer millions of dollars and excessive amounts of publicity in return for a sponsorship, Shutl is offering Bolt a very different kind of reward.

“In exchange for your time, we will give you one percent of our company and all the McNuggets you need,” the company’s proposal letter stated.

An odd proposal nonetheless, but Shutl’s offer would be a lot stranger if not for Bolt’s admitted affection with the fast food delicacy, even calling it the “fuel he needed” to break the 100-meter world record at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Bolt’s place in the public eye just continues to grow since extending his run as the self-proclaimed “greatest athlete to live,” first it was a pair of NFL players — both Titans running back Chris Johnson and Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson — claiming they could run the 40-yard dash faster than the Jamaican. But now it’s offering up some McNuggets for his time.

Who knows what’s in store next for the speedster, but all we know for sure is that it will undoubtedly be fast.

Usain Bolt Offered Unlimited McNuggets to Put 'Fastest Man Alive' Title to Ultimate TestPhoto via Twitter/@LukeFHughes

Photo via Facebook/Usain Bolt

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Usain Bolt Offered Unlimited McNuggets to Put 'Fastest Man Alive' Title to Ultimate TestPhoto via Twitter/@ZNNOnline

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