Illinois Quarterback Can’t Get High Five From Referee After Scoring Touchdown Against Wisconsin (Video)


It’s not every day a quarterback who racks up six points for his team goes for a high five and gets turned down.

But that’s what happened Saturday to Illinois quarterback Nathan Scheelhase, whose attempt at celebrating was stopped with the cold shoulder shortly after he darted into the end zone against Big 10 foe Wisconsin.

Scheelhase scampered in for the score then ran up to the closest person he could find, going for a congratulatory high five. But that person — a referee — was in no way interested in sharing Scheelhase’s joy.

The ref comically backpedaled, then at the last minute reached his hand out and pulled it back, catching Scheelhase in the classic moment that everyone experiences at some point in their life (usually in grade school or junior high) when they are shut down trying to reach for a high five.

Check out the high five fail in the video below.

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Illinois Quarterback Can't Get High Five From Referee After Scoring Touchdown Against Wisconsin (Video)

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“[Mark Sanchez] is definitely our guy. We’ve had some poor performances in the past and not just from our quarterback but our team. We’ve been whipped pretty good. I’m confident we’ll come back. And I’m confident we’ll respond.”
— Rex Ryan, whose words may live in infamy pretty soon

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