'Mighty Ducks' 20th Anniversary Prompts Question of Where Classic Stands Among Best Hockey Movies (Photos)Members of the Millennial Generation are now experiencing the third NHL lockout of their young lives.

But many of them would have had far less — or no — experience with hockey throughout the years if not for a film that marks its anniversary as the NHL continues to watch its season waste away.

Twenty years ago, The Mighty Ducks franchise began as an improbable box office boom, with the original version featuring Emilio Esteves and his varied crew of young hockey players sparking a trilogy of films — and the pop culture basis for hockey in millions of kids' lives.

As far as decent hockey movies go, The Mighty Ducks won't make many critics' lists. But, considering the movies were made for children, cut the "Quack! Quack! Quack" and Flying V bunch a break. If not a classic, The Mighty Ducks franchise did what some great hockey work of art may have never accomplished — it opened up an entire generation to the idea of hockey, teamwork and a good time on ice.

And a kids movie could do worse than inspire a professional hockey franchise to name itself after a fictional team. Check out some classic Mighty Ducks moments below, then see the best of the legitimate hockey films out there in our gallery.

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Quack! Quack! Quack!