Monster Truck-Driving Teenager Rosalee Ramer Taking the Sport to New Heights

Rosalee Ramer is much like every other 15-year-old girl in Watsonville, Calif., except for one thing — she spends her free time “flying 10,000 pounds of truck through 30 feet of air.”

That’s right — Ramer drives monster trucks.

The sophomore at Pacific Collegiate School (who also plays the piano, of all things) pilots Detour — a souped-up 2010 Ford Ranger that she and her dad, Kelvin, built. She began changing tires at 8 years old, started learning to drive the big rigs at age 11 and competed in her first event at age 14. Ramer hopes to one day earn a degree in mechanical engineering at Stanford.

“It’s definitely going to be part of my life for a long time,” Rosalee told the Santa Cruz Sentinel. “It’s what I love.”

Check out the videos of Ramer below.

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