Kobe Bryant Calls Lakers ‘Old as [Expletive]’ While Blaming Age for Team’s Problems


Damian Lillard, Kobe BryantThe Lakers still have not played up to expectations this season, and Kobe Bryant has a simple reason as to why.

“Cause we’re old as [expletive],” Bryant told ESPN.com, using a bowel movement to explain why the Lakers have shown a lack of energy at times this year. “What do you want? We just got to figure out how to play when we don’t have that energy.”

Bryant, 34, might have a point. The starters for Los Angeles aren’t exactly spring chickens, with 32-year-old Pau Gasol, 38-year-old Steve Nash, 33-year old Metta World Peace and 27-year-old Dwight Howard rounding out the lineup.

Gasol, when asked about the lack of energy, was more diplomatic in his answer but seemed to back Kobe up.

“We’re not the most athletic team in the league,” Gasol said, “we know that. But we are experienced and we should create some energy for ourselves out there.”

With “experienced” usually athlete code for “old,” the Lakers seem to be at least aware of their problem. With a 15-16 record so far on the year, however, it’s unclear if they will be able to find a solution for it.

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