Seahawks-Redskins Live: Robert Griffin III Re-Injures Knee As Seahawks Beat Redskins 24-14


Russell WilsonFinal, Seahawks 24-14: As good of a game as this was, you can’t help but think what could have been if Robert Griffin III had come in fully healthy.

Once Griffin re-aggravated his knee injury midway through the first quarter, it was clear who the better team was, it was just a matter of the Seahawks finally getting the lead. Marshawn Lynch could have been the goat of the game after fumbling on the Redskins’ one-yard line, but he more than made up for it with a 19-carry, 131-yard effort that included a 27-yard touchdown.

Russell Wilson showed a lot of poise at quarterback, and while he wasn’t perfect, he showed the NFL what he’s been doing all season managing games with his arm and legs. The Seahawks’ defense played well after the first quarter, but you can’t help but ask how much of that had to do with Griffin’s knee injury.

In what was supposed to be the battle of two rookie quarterbacks will be remembered as the game that RGIII got hurt. It remains to be seen how badly Griffin injured his knee, but it didn’t look good.

The Seahawks move on to play the Falcons in Atlanta at 1 p.m. on Sunday Jan. 13.

Fourth quarter, 1:08, Seahawks 24-14: The Seahawks couldn’t quite close out the game on their final drive, but they got close with 1:08 remaining.

The Seahawks’ defense has really stepped up against Kirk Cousins, who’s completed just two of nine passes for 27 yards.

Fourth quarter, 2:32, Seahawks 24-14: It’s almost unfair for the Seahawks to have Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin on the same roster. There’s no let up for a tired front seven when there’s two punishing, physical running backs on the same team.

This game will be known as the Robert Griffin III injury game, but the Seahawks put forth an impressive effort playing on a crummy field on the road.

Lynch and tight end Zach Miller have been stars for the Seahawks.

Fourth quarter, 4:16, Seahawks 24-14: It’s almost as if the Seahawks were letting up on the blitzes with Robert Griffin III out there on his gimpy knee. Since Cousins went in, Bruce Irvin and the Seattle defensive line has been absolutely punishing.

The Seahawks will look to kill the clock now with Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin.

Fourth quarter, 5:33, Seahawks 24-14: Robert Griffin III has been ruled out for the remainder of the game. Hopefully the injury was merely a re-aggravation of the knee sprain.

The Seahawks’ injured kicker, Steven Hauschka, kicked a 22-yard field goal to put the Seahawks ahead by 10.

Fourth quarter, 6:19, Seahawks 21-14: There’s an ugly scene on FedEx Field as Robert Griffin III’s knee gave out on a blown snap. Griffin’s leg injury was clearly re-aggravated midway through the first quarter, and now he may  have torn ligaments and further damage to the knee.

The Seahawks recovered the fumble at the 12-yard line and will look to put this game away with another score.

Fourth quarter, 7:08, Seahawks 21-14: The two point conversion was good and Seattle leads by seven.

Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall was yapping earlier in the game and completely whiffed on a tackle during the Marshawn Lynch touchdown run. Lynch more than made up for his fumble on the one-yard line on that 27-yard battle for the touchdown. No one plows through defenders like Beastmode.

Fourth quarter, 7:08, Seahawks 19-14: Football fans all over the world are discovering why the Seattle area has fallen in love with rookie quarterback Russell Wilson. The rookie of the year candidate sprinted down the field and threw a crucial block for running back Marshawn Lynch on a 27-yard touchdown.

Once the touchdown is confirmed, the Seahawks will likely go for two to go up by seven points over the Redskins. Unless RGIII’s knee suddenly heals, this is looking like an uphill battle for Washington.

Fourth quarter, 10:55, Redskins 14-13: This is getting ugly with Robert Griffin III. They may not consider putting in Kirk Cousins, but they should.

Griffin can’t run, and he can’t put any zip on his passes. He’s an otherworldly athlete, and he was getting it done despite his knee in the first quarter, but ever since leaving the field, he’s been a different player.

The Redskins can’t move the ball on offense, and at some point, their defense is going to let up some points to the Seahawks. And once the Redskins lose the lead, they may not be able to recapture it.

Fourth quarter, 13:18, Redskins 14-13: The Seahawks have dominated this game since the first quarter, but the Redskins still hold the lead. Give the Redskins defense a lot of credit for some classic Patriots-style bend, but don’t break defense.

RGIII’s knee appears to be bothering him so badly at this point, he may be hurting the team more than he’s helping them.

End third quarter, Redskins 14-13: The Redskins still haven’t been able to move the ball very well since RGIII left the field to get his knee checked on. Some poor field position hasn’t helped matters either for Washington.

Two players with very impressive games so far for Seattle are defensive tackle Alan Branch and cornerback Richard Sherman. Branch has four tackles and a sack, while Sherman has hardly been targeted on the outside.

Third quarter, 1:24, Redskins 14-13: This third quarter is flying by and the Redskins still hold the lead over the Seahawks.

Washington is backed up to their own six after a nice punt by Jon Ryan and a holding penalty. Seattle defensive end Chris Clemons is doubtful to return with a knee injury and Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon is questionable to return with a shoulder injury after getting into it with Brandon Browner.

Both injuries hurt their respective teams, but losing Clemons could mean trouble for the Seahawks’ run defense. Rookie third-down rusher Bruce Irvin is nowhere near the run defender Clemons is.

Third quarter, 5:31, Redskins 14-13: The Redskins couldn’t capitalize on the turnover or Chris Clemons’ injury. Of course, Seattle defensive tackle Alan Branch tripping Alfred Morris didn’t help matters for Washington, either.

Brandon Browner and Pierre Garcon are dueling on what seems like every snap. As we said earlier, this game is getting very physical. Even after the Redskins punted, there was some shoving down on the field.

The Redskins can only give the Seahawks so many chances before Seattle takes the lead.

Third quarter, 9:02, Redskins 14-13: Robert Griffin III looks like he has a new spring in his step coming out of the half.

Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons went down with a knee injury. He’s the best pass rusher on the Seattle defense, so if he’s out for a prolonged time, it could be trouble for the Seahawks.

Third quarter, 10:26, Redskins 14-13: The Seahawks were on a pretty impressive drive, but Marshawn Lynch coughed up the ball and now the Redskins have the ball at their own two-yard line.

The Seahawks looked like the momentum from their impressive second quarter had continued into the second half, but that turnover could change things.

Halftime Redskins 14-13: And Steven Hauschka nails his 29-yard field goal attempt despite his wobbly ankle. The Redskins lead 14-13 at the half, and just as we predicted before the game started, this is the best playoff game of the first-round slate.

The Seahawks and Redskins have very similar offenses, and while the Seahawks have controlled the clock, and have been able to move the ball better, they haven’t been able to close as well as the Redskins.

Washington hasn’t looked the same since Griffin left the field briefly to get his knee check up on, and if he is being bothered by the injury, it could severely affect the Redskins’ offense. Without RGIII’s mobility, the Seahawks’ defense will be able to concentrate on stopping running back Alfred Morris. The read option means Seattle can’t stack the line to stop Morris or concentrate on setting the edge to stop Griffin. If Griffin can’t move as well, it will be that much easier to stop the rookie running back.

Second quarter, :32, Redskins 14-10 : The Seahawks’ kicker, Steven Hauschka, is dealing with an ankle injury, and so far he’s been able to take the extra point attempts, but he is coming off for kickoffs. This could be a situation to monitor moving forward. Punter Jon Ryan would be next in line for field goals and extra points.

Second quarter, 2:00, Redskins 14-10We’re at the two-minute warning and we’ve got a ball game here. The Seahawks are driving to finish off the half, and Russell Wilson is in the zone now connecting with Doug Baldwin for a long gain.

DeAngelo Hall was the latest to show some emotion on the field, hovering over Baldwin after the wide receiver’s long gain. If the refs don’t get some control soon, we could see a full-on brawl before this is over.

Second quarter, 3:29, Redskins 14-10Earl Thomas just showed off why he’s a Pro Bowler with a great read and interception on a Robert Griffin III pass. There’s been some chippiness all game, and at the end of the Thomas play, Brandon Browner and Pierre Garcon got into it a little bit.

Second quarter, 4:45, Redskins 14-10: And just like that, the Seahawks are right back in this game. The Seattle offense looked better that drive with veteran John Moffitt in at right guard for rookie J.R. Sweezy.

Marshawn Lynch showed his instincts (?) on a Russell Wilson fumble that the Seahawks’ running back (un)wisely scooped up and ran for a large gain. Pete Carroll probably told him to just fall on it next time, but it was a bang-bang play and it worked out for Seattle.

The Seahawks scored on a four-yard touchdown pass to Michael Robinson from Wilson.

Second quarter, 9:46, Redskins 14-3: Brandon Browner was a Pro Bowler in 2011 and Red Bryant was one of the most sought-after free agents this offseason, but you wouldn’t know it from their play so far.

Seattle stopped the Redskins despite the efforts of Browner and Bryant early in the second quarter.

Griffin looks less eager to run and his passing is suffering due to his knee. He’s being forced to throw off his back foot a lot, which means his shallow passes will likely be bouncing in the dirt, and his deep passes will be sailing.

Second quarter, 12:05, Redskins 14-3Russell Wilson had to throw the ball away on 3rd-and-12 and the Seahawks settled for a field goal. This game is far from over, but it would have been huge if Seattle could have come away with seven points.

The Seahawks defense was praised as the best in the league earlier this season, but Robert Griffin III and the Redskins are exploiting it so far with their run game. The Seahawks will no doubt try to keep getting after Griffin to work on his injured knee.

Second quarter, 12:13, Redskins 14-0: Well, the Seahawks are making this a game. They’re driving to start off the second quarter, and Russell Wilson is matching Robert Griffin III all of a sudden.

The play of the game so far was a toe-tapping sideline catch by Sidney Rice, which was ruled a catch, then not a catch, then a catch again. The refs got it right the first and third time.

FOX just showed that Griffin hasn’t thrown a pick in the red zone yet this season, but he came close on a pass over the middle to Doug Baldwin.

End first quarter, Redskins 14-0: Well, it’s safe to say no one west of Washington, D.C., saw this one coming. The Redskins have taken full control of the Seahawks early and lead 14-0.

The Seahawks’ offensive line, which features two Pro Bowlers, have been getting beat by the Redskins’ front seven. Perry Riley got to Russell Wilson for a sack, and the Seahawks’ quarterback has been getting hit just as often as Griffin.

First quarter, 2:26, Redskins 14-0: The Redskins may need to pile up the points early. Robert Griffin III is getting banged up and if he keeps getting hit, may not be long for this game.

The Seahawks’ defense looks like a shell of itself as the Redskins now lead 14-0 off an RGIII touchdown pass to tight end Logan Paulsen. Washington is getting it done in all facets of the game so far. But they’re already down Kory Lichtensteiger, Pierre Garcon left briefly with an ankle injury and Griffin left the field after their offensive drive.

First quarter, 3:43, Redskins 7-0: Robert Griffin III is definitely not 100 percent, but he’s still helping to carve up the Seahawks’ defense. It’s clear he’s not able to put a lot of pressure on his knee, and you may see his throwing accuracy suffer because of it.

The Redskins’ offensive line has been very impressive so far. They’re really sealing off the Seahawks’ stout front seven.

First quarter, 8:24, Redskins 7-0London Fletcher is getting in on the action early grabbing half a sack with Stephen Bowen. The 15-year veteran helped force the Seahawks to go three-and-out.

Seattle’s offense is built on a strong running game centered around the read option and Marshawn Lynch. They’re not exactly built to come back from a huge deficit, so they’ll need to count on their defense to stop RGIII.

First quarter, 9:57, Redskins 7-0: The Redskins have taken a 7-0 lead on a Robert Griffin III touchdown pass to running back Evan Royster.

The Seahawks’ defense has been impressive all season, but it’s no mystery that the whole team has been better while playing in Seattle. There’s a reason RGIII is a front runner for the offensive rookie of the year. He’s a tough player to stop.

First quarter, 10:52, 0-0: The Redskins aren’t messing around. They’re blocking extremely well, and Alfred Morris is running like a tank with four carries for 34 yards.

This is Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner’s first game back from a four-game suspension. He looked rusty early whiffing on a tackle after Pierre Garcon caught a pass in front of him. If he keeps playing like this, Richard Sherman may not see a target all game.

Redskins left guard Kory Lichtensteiger came out with an injury. Josh LeRibeus took over.

First quarter, 14:00, 0-0: This game is getting heated already and we had a timeout within the first minute. All signs point to this being the best playoff game of the first-round slate.

The Redskins are starting out early by trying to shove the ball down the Seahawks’ throats with Alfred Morris. And it’s working early.

4:00 p.m.: The inactives are in. For the Seahawks, WR Deon Butler, SS Winston Guy, CB DeShawn Shead, LB Allen Bradford, OG Rishaw Johnson, OT Mike Person and DT Jaye Howard are out and for the Redskins, QB Rex Grossman, WR Brandon Banks, WR Dezmon Briscoe, LB Roddrick Muckelroy, LB Vic So’oto, OT Tom Compton and OG Adam Gettis are inactive.

There are no major surprises on either side. One notable active on the Seahawks is guard John Moffit, who has been a healthy scratch the last two weeks after starting the previous two at right guard. Rookie J.R. Sweezy — who played defensive tackle in college — has been the starter in Week 16 and 17. As they say in the Seahawks’ locker room, “It ain’t easy bein’ Sweezy.”

3:00 p.m.: We’re an hour and a half from kickoff and it appears Robert Griffin III is at least a little healthier than he was in Week 17 of the regular season. He’s wearing a less bulky knee brace, according to Mike Jones of The Washington Post.

There was a report earlier in the day from the USA Today that Griffin re-entered the Redskins’ game against the Ravens on Dec. 9 without consulting head coach Mike Shanahan. After the game, Shanahan told the press that Dr. James Andrews had cleared Griffin on the sidelines. Andrews told the USA Today that he had not checked Griffin out.

The winner of today’s game will face the Falcons in the divisional round of the playoffs Sunday Jan. 13 at 1 p.m.

8 a.m. EST: In the year of the rookie quarterback, one of the best matchups of the first round of the NFL playoffs pits two Offensive Rookie of the Year candidates against one another.

Russell Wilson and his Seattle Seahawks head to Washington, D.C., to face Robert Griffin III and the Redskins. Both teams are among the hottest in all of football, and much praise deserves to be heaped on those young QBs.

The Seahawks are coming off a five-game winning streak to end their regular season. That run includes two 50-point performances, against the Cardinals and Bills. Perhaps their most impressive victory of the season, though, was a 42-13 drubbing of the 49ers on national television in Week 16.

The Redskins have an even more impressive streak to end their season — seven straight wins. Washington may not have had the same high-powered victories of their foes, but Griffin and fellow rookie Alfred Morris have been powering the Redskins’ offense through the NFC East week after week to squeak into the playoffs.

Griffin faces perhaps his toughest matchup in the league on Sunday, though, when he has to do battle against Richard Sherman and the Seahawks’ impressive defense. Sherman won his appeal of a four-game suspension for allegedly violating the league’s substance abuse policy, and he will frustrate quarterbacks in the playoffs as long as Seattle stays alive.

The game kicks off at 4:30 p.m., but stay glued to for all the updates and analysis leading up to the game.

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