Vote: Is the NHL’s Usual 82-Game Regular Season Too Long?


Bruins Camp HockeyThis NHL season is going to be a whole lot different than what we’re accustomed to seeing. With just a 48-game regular-season schedule, each contest will be that much more important, meaning the intensity level will be through the roof each and every night.

Many hockey fans, while thrilled that we’ll actually have a season despite a lengthy lockout, are a bit skeptical of the 48-game slate. After all, it could open the door for some mediocre teams to limp into the playoffs, or it could mean a few of the more talented teams end up watching the postseason from home because they failed to get off to a hot start.

Regardless of where you stand, though, there is interesting question that’ll come from all of this. Is the usual 82-game NHL schedule too long?

More hockey is usually considered a good thing, because, well, who doesn’t love some hard-nosed NHL action? But considering the intensity with which teams will likely play this season, it’s hard not to wonder whether the league would be better off with a shorter season. Less games means more important games, especially within the divisions, and it also means the league’s stars could remain healthier before embarking on what is already a grind of a postseason.

On the other hand, more hockey means more thrills, more revenue and more chances to go out and support your favorite team. So what side of the fence are you on as we get ready to kick off another exciting year of puck?

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