Curt Schilling SockIf you’ve ever wanted to own a timeless — albeit slightly gross — piece of Red Sox history, now would be the time to get that credit card handy.

After months of hand-wringing, the sock that Curt Schilling bloodied after an experimental ankle surgery during the 2004 American League Championship Series is finally up for auction, according to The Associated Press. Schilling put the sock up for bidding through Heritage Auctions due to the collapse of his startup video game company, 38 Studios, on which he had numerous loans.

The auction is currently online and as of Monday bidding had reached as high as $32,500. However, live bidding will happen in New York City on Saturday, and the total price of the sock is estimated to hit upwards of six figures. Chris Ivy, director of Heritage Auctions, says he expects more than 150 people to attend the live bidding, where a jersey from the 1980 Miracle on Ice and one worn by Lou Gehrig will also be auctioned.

Although the state of Rhode Island is on the hook for more than $100 million, after interest, on the $75 million in loans it awarded to 38 Studios, none of the money received in the sock bidding will go to the state government. The sock was listed as collateral in a personal bank loan that Schilling took out.

If you’re so inclined to place a bid, you can visit the auction by following this link.