Ilya Bryzgalov Shares Thoughts on Russian Meteor, Weighs Existential Questions


Ilya BryzgalovIlya Bryzgalov is the best.

The Philadelphia Flyers goalie has a way with words — and for saying bizarre things with those words. One might call him a “space cadet” to make fun of his seemingly head-in-the-clouds attitude, but that would actually be ironically accurate.

Bryzgalov’s interest in space and space travel has been well documented. A little more than a year ago the netminder took some time to share his Jodie Foster in Contact-like thoughts on our insignificant place in a vast universe. Then, just a couple months ago, Bryzgalov tried his hand as a cosmonaut, going through something similar to space camp here in the U.S.

Now Bryzgalov is sharing his thoughts on meteors — specifically the 10,000-ton meteor that nearly touched down in his home country of Russia last week.

Recently WIP in Philadelphia spoke to Bryzgalov at length about a variety of subjects. But, luckily they also asked him about the meteor. The goaltender’s comments are too good to truncate, so they are as transcribed by The Sporting News below:

“Probably every day, our atmosphere was penetrated with the smaller size of the meteors, and [they] just burned high in the atmosphere. This is a much bigger size, but that big that struck the earth like … back in the days, like when the dinosaurs was destroyed. On one thing it’s very interesting. On the other hand, it’s dangerous. And you know we can’t protect ourselves from the space danger.

“I think we’ve gotta like be thankful, and be happy, and enjoy every day our life with our relatives, our wives, kids, and enjoy our work every day.”

Sounds like if that cosmonaut thing doesn’t work out for him, Bryzgalov might have a promising career with SETI after the NHL. Or an existential philosopher.

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