OK, LeBron James. We get it. You want to be just LeBron James and stop all those comparisons to Michael Jordan.

So why are you sending out the “save the dates” for your wedding with Savannah Brinson right around the time that Jordan is applying for his marriage license?

In what, realistically, can be nothing but a giant coincidence, both Jordan and James are finally adding wedding bells to their respective long-term relationships. While it isn’t a secret that Jordan and Yvette Prieto have been dating for some time, or that James and Brinson have been planning to make their longtime commitment official, it’s a little funny that both are in the news this week for making it happen right now.

Jordan applied for his marriage license Thursday morning, according to a spokesman at the Palm Beach County courthouse. Jordan and Prieto have been engaged since December 2011, and Jordan recently packed up his Chicago home to reside in Florida full-time. The couple has until May 9 to use the marriage license, according to The Associated Press.

James, meanwhile, just shot out some invitations telling his pals to lock up Sept. 13-15 for a weekend-long wedding bash of his own. He and Brinson will be heading to San Diego with their two sons for the festivities.

James and Brinson have been engaged since New Year’s Day last year, when he surprised Brinson at a party as teammates and close friends watched.

So, basically, these two guys have had plenty of time not only to propose (which they did within a month of each other) but also to get the actual wedding stuff going, and they happened to do it at exactly the same time.

If you two want to stop being associated in conversations about the best of all time and who’s the bigger legend and blah blah blah, maybe you need to start coordinating your schedules.

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