One Josh Hamilton fan who wanted a simple autograph got a lot more than he bargained for.

On Monday (and Tuesday morning), Hamilton was flailing, going 0-for-8 in the Angels’ 19-inning loss to the Oakland Athletics. However, Hamilton was also signing autographs during the game, apparently, and doing a little proselytizing, too.

Hamilton tossed the ball in the image below to a fan in the right field bleachers, and apparently the $125 million man has a lot to say. In addition to messages that “Jesus loves you, love him!” and “We come to Christ as we are & he is responsible for cleaning us up!” Hamilton imagines himself a stylist, too. “Your hair is awesome,” reads the other side of the ball.

For the record, we have no idea what the fan’s hair actually looked like. Check out Hamilton’s autograph in the Instagram image below.

Josh Hamilton

Photo via Instagram/nickbatters