Jason Collins, George StephanopoulosJason Collins is gay.

How gay is he?

He is gay enough to be the first active male athlete in a major-league team sport to declare his sexuality while he still is playing. He has attracted plenty of media coverage in the last couple of days, along with numerous supportive tweets. If Collins feared being the butt of jokes, he was right. The ribbing turned out not to be as bad as he may have thought, though.

RuPaul, the iconic actor and TV personality famous for cross-dressing, tweeted that Collins has a long way to go before he can be as gay as RuPaul is. [tweet https://twitter.com/RuPaul/status/329022901347049474 align=’center’]

Collins got a lot of feedback after his announcement on Monday, but it is safe to say RuPaul is the only person who sent him a message like that.