Dustin Penner OK With Gay Teammate So Long As They Don’t Listen to Nickelback


The Los Angeles Kings’ Dustin Penner has long been known for his dry sense of humor. It turns out that not only is Penner a really funny guy, but he has a solid taste in music, too.

A lot of athletes have been weighing in with their opinions on having a gay teammate in the wake of Jason Collins‘ announcement. Most responses have been positive, and Penner’s thoughts on the subject, sent out in a tweet earlier this week, are no different.

But Penner is clear about one thing: It’s okay to be gay in the Kings’ locker room, but listening to Canadian alternative rock is definitely not cool. Check out Penner’s tweet below.

[tweet https://twitter.com/Dustinpenner25/statuses/329059286732914690 align=’center’]

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