Eagles’ Evan Mathis Shows Hatred of IRS, Urinates on Sign Outside Building (Photo)


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where Philadelphia Eagles guard Evan Mathis lies on the political spectrum.

If you’re behind on the news, in recent days the IRS has come under intense scrutiny for illegally targeting specific groups. According to reports, the IRS systematically singled out conservative groups — specifically ones with Tea Party-sounding names — for extra-intense review for tax-exempt status. The entire affair has reignited distrust in the government, and put the Obama administration under fire.

Perhaps its possible that Mathis just doesn’t like the IRS, anyway (who does?), but it’s likewise impossible to not view his shenanigans through the lens of the ongoing scandal. On Wednesday, Mathis posted a photo to Instagram of himself apparently urinating on a sign for an IRS building.

Well, Evan, message received. Way to take the subtle and dignified road, there. The caption with his photo? “Audit this.” Clever. If you’re wondering about the walking boot, Mathis missed Eagles minicamp recovering from ankle surgery.

Check out the image below.

Evan Mathis

Photo via Instagram/evanmathis69

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