Tiki Barber Asks Ronde Barber Why No One Likes Him


Tiki Barber Ronde BarberIf Tiki Barber really wants to know the answer to this question, his twin brother is not the person he should be asking.

But alas, that’s who the former New York Giants running back turned to — as brother Ronde Barber was announcing his retirement from the NFL, no less.

Tiki Barber hosted Ronde Barber on his CBS Sports Radio show Thursday to talk about Ronde’s retirement, and in the process, he didn’t do anything to help his reputation of being egomaniacal. Tiki Barber has become known over his playing and broadcasting career for his dubious moments, the most notable being when he questioned Tom Coughlin while playing for him, criticized quarterback Eli Manning when they were teammates and used his broadcasting career to show everyone why he wasn’t as loved in the locker room as everyone may have thought.

On Thursday, as Ronde Barber looked at the end of a long, successful career, Tiki Barber wanted to know why his brother doesn’t attract the same vitriol he’s become used to.

Or, in fourth-grader-speak, “Why do so many people like Ronde and dislike me?” Tiki Barber asked.

Ronde Barber was a great brother, putting the blame on New York fans for being critical.

“That’s a great question,” he said. “[It’s] probably because you live in New York, and I don’t know if New Yorkers like anything more than loving their stars than hating them. They look for faults and exploit them, or failures and exploit them, and it’s a national story when it’s up there.”

Giants fans and New York critics have since jumped on the opportunity to give Tiki Barber the what-for for asking the question, shaking their heads over the irony of it all.

Ronde Barber, however, looks like a pretty well-spoken guy. Anybody want to sign him up for a broadcasting gig?

Tiki Barber photo via Facebook/Tiki Barber

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