Win McMurryMichael Phelps won eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics en route to becoming the most decorated Olympian of all time with a total of 22 medals. He seems to have it all: fame, fortune, good health, superior genetics and a successful career. As if those were not enough reasons to envy the swimmer, he also has a girlfriend.

Phelps showed up to the 2013 ESPYs with a blonde date, who is no stranger to the cameras. Win McMurry is a journalist for the Golf Channel. She’s actually really cool for being so pretty, too.

First of all, she went to the University of North Carolina, which puts her in the same alumni network as Michael Jordan. Coincidentally, she has interviewed Jordan, and she’s also met Bill Clinton.

Secondly, she loves the movie Gone With the Wind. She references the iconic film on her various social media accounts, most frequently using the hashtag “#gonewiththewin,” a play on words of her own name. Puns are priceless.

And she hangs out with crocodiles while keeping her white outfit prim and proper, accessories and all, which is pretty awesome.

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