Johnny Manziel Taunts Rice Defense, Makes Autograph, Money-Counting Gestures After Big Plays (Videos)


Most players don’t like to drag their off-the-field problems onto the field, but Johnny Manziel has proved time and again that he is not like most players.

After sitting out the first half of the game against Rice on Saturday after being investigated by the NCAA for receiving compensation for autographs, the Texas A&M quarterback made his debut in the third quarter, and his presence was quickly felt.

With about 10 minutes remaining in the third, Manziel celebrated his eight-yard rush with what appeared to be a taunt at Owls defenders. He made gestures with his hands that he wouldn’t be signing any autographs for them.

Johnny Football then fired a 23-yard touchdown pass on the very next play and chose to commemorate the score with another gesture — this one of the money-counting variety.

That half-game suspension may not have done the trick.

Check out videos of Manziel’s celebrations below.

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