Eminem Does Awkward Interview With Brent Musburger, Kirk Herbstreit, Is Afraid to Predict Lions Game (Video)


Maybe he was just lost in the music or the moment, but Eminem seemed like he might have choked on Saturday night.

Eminem made an appearance on the ESPN broadcast at halftime of the Michigan-Notre Dame game, which may be memorable if only for how painfully awkward it was. Eminem was there promoting his new album “MMLP2” and the world premiere of his new music video “Bezerk,” joining Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit for a few minutes to talk — if you’d call it that — about a mix of music and football.

The popular rapper seemed to freeze up, as if he were B-Rabbit on stage in 8 Mile, at the start of the interview, staring off into space while Brent and Herby tried to keep things interesting. Eventually the trio got to talking about Eminem’s new album, which resulted in maybe the most unappealing pitch of all time. In an attempt to ease the tension, Musberger moved the conversation toward Eminem’s hometown Detroit Lions, but the rapper appeared puzzled by the notion of a point spread only making things even more awkward.

Eminem didn’t leave without one last uncomfortable interaction, though, praising Musberger for his work as an announcer while offering nothing more than an obligatory handshake to Herbstreit for his efforts.

The entire interview was a giant flop, which, if his attitude toward it was any indication, might be exactly the direction Eminem’s new album is headed as well.

Check out the interview in the video below.

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