John F. Kennedy Remembered on 50th Anniversary of Death in Appearance With Ted Williams, Eddie Pellagrini (Photo)


The nation has spent the week remembering the fateful events of 50 years ago, when Brooklyn, Mass., native President John F. Kennedy died in Dallas.

Kennedy?s legacy is far-ranging, extending well beyond the trivialities of sports, but No. 35 (president, that is) did have some connections to America?s favorite pasttimes. There is, of course, JFK?s fame in backyard football in Hyannis Port, but Kennedy also lettered as a swimmer at Harvard University and was pretty good at golf (basically a requirement for the presidency).

Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald has dug up another gem for the anniversary, though, tweeting a photo of Kennedy visiting Fenway Park. In the photo, Kennedy examines some hardware while chatting with the Splendid Splinter himself, Ted Williams, as well as the Red Sox? Eddie Pellagrini and Detroit?s Hank Greenberg. It?s not bad company.

Check out Kennedy?s day at the old ballgame below.

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