Jonny Gomes Says ‘Everyone in Boston’ Should Get Ring for Lifting Red Sox to Title After Marathon Bombings (Video)


Perhaps the best sign of the character of the 2013 Boston Red Sox, World Series champions, is not what they did to forge an incredible season and win it all, but rather how they are saying they did it.

While the Red Sox are certainly worthy of the praise being heaped on them as a never-quit group of talented players with a little extra gusto, they’ve also been quick to share the credit since polishing off their World Series win. Jonny Gomes continued that spirit Tuesday night on Conan, where he refused to let the Red Sox get all the recognition for helping the city lift its head after the Boston Marathon bombings last April.

“We’re supposed to be the strong legs, strong back to carry everyone and put smiles on everyone’s faces,” Gomes said of the Red Sox. “But I think it was the other way around. I think we jumped on Boston’s back. I mean, they wouldn’t let us quit. They wouldn’t let us lay it down.”

That motivation sparked an already special team to greater heights.

“If everyone in Boston could get a ring, they deserve one, too,” he said.

See all that Gomes had to say in the video below.

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