Bengals punter Kevin Huber suffered some gruesome injuries after getting rocked by Steelers linebacker Terence Garvin on Sunday night, but, fortunately, his sense of humor was unharmed during the incident.

While Huber was attempting to get in Antonio Brown‘s way during a punt return in the first quarter, Garvin leveled him with a massive block that left the Cincinnati punter with a fractured jaw and cracked vertebrae in his neck. The serious injuries will sideline Huber for the rest of the season, but the punter was able to look on the bright side of his dire situation.

Huber gave his Twitter account a makeover just one day after the controversial hit, joking about the massive blow he took by changing his avatar to a picture of the play.

Check out his tweet about his updated photo, as well as a blown up picture of his new avatar below.

Huber avatar

Photo via Twitter/@DJGalloEtc