1387418365_shirtless bro copy‘Tis the season to look back at all of the shenanigans the sports world has provided us this year and laugh.

While athletes are capable of wowing us on a pretty standard basis with their impressive feats, their entertainment occasionally spills over into the comedic department, and when it does, there is nothing quite like a GIF to capture those humorous moments.

Mark Sanchez didn’t realize he was starting a trend when he committed the infamous buttfumble on Nov. 22, 2012, but the Houston Astros — the Jets of baseball, if you will — gave the embarrassing play new life in 2013 when Jonathan Villar slid headfirst into Brandon Phillips‘ rear.

Tom Brady managed to avoid that awkward encounter with his teammates this year, but he did engage in an odd interaction with his squad nonetheless. The Patriots quarterback showed the world that high fives are actually a very creepy encounter as the Pats were blowing out the Steelers in November.

From an overzealous fan who doused himself in soda behind a Baseball Tonight broadcast to the happiest football player in the world chasing an ice cream truck to an NBA mascot absolutely rocking a Lakers fan with a cake, 2013 was full of awesomely bizzare and hilarious moments.

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