Sleeved NBA Christmas Day Jerseys Cause Uproar on Twitter, Draw Comparison to Soccer Uniforms (Photos)

by NESN Staff

December 25, 2013

The NBA started promoting its Christmas Day matchups — and the alternate uniforms that go along with them — before Thanksgiving.

A sneak peek of the polarizing sleeved Christmas Day jerseys left fans puzzled about the design and inspiration. The design seems to mesh the large logo of a hockey sweater with the with the tight fit of spandex — not a great look for guys over 200 pounds. Throw on some billowy sleeves and a V-neck, and it’s a fashion disaster — on top of the fact that the sleeves could actually hinder a player’s shooting motion.

More photos of the jerseys were released, showing players like Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard modeling them. From the initial reaction on social media, the unis aren’t much of a hit. Check out some of the knee-jerk reactions below.

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Sales of alternate jerseys are usually a cash-grab, and the NBA is selling replicas of the team jerseys for $110 a pop. There are only so many gimmicks professional sports teams can use to get people to buy merchandise, and it seems like the NBA is running out of good ideas.

Check out a gallery of the NBA’s sleeved Christmas Day jerseys >>

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