Carmelo AnthonyCarmelo Anthony won’t have any money issues for the next few years.

The All-Star forward met with the Lakers and New York Knicks in Los Angeles on Thursday, and both teams offered the prized free agent maximum deals, sources told ESPN and the New York Daily News.

First, Anthony met with the Lakers, who offered him a four-year, $95 million deal, which is the maximum a team that is not the Knicks can offer him.

Lakers star Kobe Bryant, who was on vacation in Europe, was supposed to attend the meeting, but he couldn’t make it after the time of the meeting was moved up, ESPN reported. Bryant talked to Anthony after the meeting and explained why he couldn’t be there, sources close to the negotiations told ESPN.

Lakers brass looked to sell Anthony on Los Angeles’s winning tradition and championship pedigree, along with the glamorous aspects of Hollywood. A short movie that honored Anthony’s career was even shown in attempt to woo him, according to ESPN.

Anthony would not comment on details of the meeting.

“You know I can’t say anything right now, but I wanted to stop and say hey,” Anthony said, via ESPN.

After talking with the Lakers’ staff, Anthony met with Knicks president Phil Jackson and head coach Derek Fisher, the New York Daily News reported. They also offered Anthony a maximum contract, this a $129 million deal over five years, even though Jackson publicly had said he wanted Anthony to take less money.

The two meetings concluded Anthony’s trip that also took him to Chicago, Dallas and Houston. Anthony could make his final decision as soon as this weekend, multiple outlets reported.

Photo via USA Today Sports Images