College Football ‘Hate Map’ Highlights Cross-State Rivalries (Photo)


Over the last two weeks, Reddit user KMHokies35 has garnered headlines with his professional sports “hate maps,” which provide visuals for a sport’s most hated team — based on survey results — in each U.S. state.

Some results were surprising, but most were to be expected, as there appears to be fairly clear lines of demarcation in pro sports fandom.

The latest hate map turns its attention to college football, though, and the results are much more convoluted.

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At first glance, this map might have you scratching your head. How is Alabama, a team with a highly-devoted — and borderline obsessive — following, the most hated team in its own state? And how the heck are Michigan and Miami the most hated teams in their home states?

The answer to two of those questions was actually answered when it was revealed that a few fans had “stuffed” votes to alter the final results.

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The updated map makes a little more sense, as it highlights the fierce border wars that exist between many states like Kansas and Missouri, Washington and Oregon and of course, Michigan and Ohio.

As for why Michigan is the most hated team in Massachusetts, home of former Wolverine quarterback Tom Brady, we’re still scratching our heads.

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