Jameis Winston Florida State served crab legs to a group of visiting recruits recently. We swear we aren’t making this story up.

According to 247 Sports, recruits who were on campus for Saturday’s game against Clemson were treated to an absolute feast that, of course, featured the seafood dish Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston shoplifted back in April.

Life is just funny like that sometimes.

Offensive line recruit Matthew Burrell was particularly fond of the crab legs, adding that the dish was one of his favorite parts of the visit — before throwing in that meeting Winston wasn’t a terrible perk either.

“One of the best parts of the visit was the food with the crab legs,” Burrell told 247 Sports. “Plus, Jameis is an awesome guy. He took picture with me and my brother. He’s real cool.”

Now, if only that picture had combined two of Burrell’s favorite things — crab legs and Winston — this story would be close to Internet perfection.

Photo via Melina Vastola/USA TODAY Sports Images