If Luis Suarez was hoping to kill some time during his suspension by playing as himself in the newly released “FIFA 15,” well, he would be out of luck.

EA Sports is attempting to make the game, which was released Tuesday in North America, as realistic as possible, even going so far as to include Suarez’s ban in its Managers mode.

Suarez, 27, is currently serving a four-month suspension for biting an opponent at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, marking the third time in Suarez’s career he has been suspended for biting another player. [tweet https://twitter.com/FIFAfootbaII/status/514801929609019392 align=’center’]

According to a message that pops up in the video game, the Barcelona striker is unavailable until Oct. 26 in the digital world, while Suarez’s real-life ban ends Oct. 24.

Suarez could make Barcelona debut on Oct. 25 against Real Madrid >>