Manning-BradyBrett Favre isn’t great when it comes to making up his mind.

The future Hall of Fame quarterback took a lot of flak at the end of his career for waffling over whether he’d continue to play. Favre infamously retired in 2008 before changing his mind just months later and returning to football with the New York Jets and then the Minnesota Vikings.

Now, in his post-playing life, Favre is struggling to stick to his guns yet again. This time, the topic is his choice for the best quarterback in the NFL.

As points out, Favre said in late October that Peyton Manning was a better quarterback than Tom Brady. Now, however, Brady tops his list.

“We’ve learned to not write Tom Brady off,” Favre said in a video post on, according to CBS Sports. “Today’s game, he is the best quarterback out there. Not taking anything away from anybody else. He’s proven he can get it done. Bottom line, he can get it done.”

We’ll have to check in with Favre again in a few weeks to see who his new No. 1 will be.

Photo via Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports Images