Back in March, Julian Edelman signed a four-year contract to stay with the New England Patriots. His reasoning?

“I couldn’t leave (Tom Brady). He’s my dog.”

In case you couldn’t tell, the wide receiver and his quarterback basically are best friends these days. On Sunday afternoon, however, microphones caught what might be the most awesome moment ever following Edelman’s 84-yard punt return against the Denver Broncos.


Talk about your ultimate bromance.

First of all, it’s pretty remarkable that Brady left his comfortable spot on the bench to run all the way to the end zone and congratulate Edelman. Secondly, you can tell Edelman genuinely appreciates Tom’s effort and explanation — “I’ve gotta see my guy” — as he shakes his head in amazement and tosses him a fist bump.

Edelman has led the team in receptions since Wes Welker’s departure in 2013, so it’s clear his friendship with Brady has its benefits.

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images