Darrelle Revis Allows Two Catches; Other Takeaways From Patriots-Jets


December 22, 2014

Darrelle Revis is turning opposing No. 1 wide receivers into a player every New England Patriots fan complained about last season.

Kenbrell Thompkins caught fewer than 50 percent of his passes last season for the New England Patriots, totaling just 466 yards.

Revis has turned opposing No. 1 wide receivers into this 2013 version of Thompkins, and that’s not ideal for those players. Remember: Thompkins was cut less than a year after posting those numbers.

Revis had another stellar performance Sunday, when he matched up on one side of the field and shined in every matchup that the Jets threw his way.

Check out how Revis, and the rest of the Patriots’ pass defense fared in this week’s takeaways:

-Revis was targeted just twice by Jets quarterback Geno Smith. He mostly stuck on the left side and covered the receiver who came to him rather than tracking one wideout. Both of Revis’ two receptions were allowed to receiver Percy Harvin.

-Browner stayed on the right side for the most part and covered receiver Eric Decker for the majority of the game. Browner had another solid game in a Patriots uniform.

-Logan Ryan gave up a first down for committing illegal contact late in the first half, but he only let up two catches for 29 yards on the afternoon.

-Safety Patrick Chung had a rough time on tight end Jeff Cumberland, allowing a 20-yard touchdown when he bit on play action.

Check out this week’s pass-coverage charting stats:
Patrick Chung: 3-3, 60 yards, TD
Brandon Browner: 3-6, 32 yards
Logan Ryan: 2-5, 29 yards
Darrelle Revis: 2-2, 28 yards
Devin McCourty: 1-1, 8 yards
Jamie Collins: 1-2, 6 yards, INT
Rob Ninkovich: 1-1, 5 yards
Dont?a Hightower: 1-3, 3 yards
Tavon Wilson: 0-1

Check out the Patriots’ pass-coverage charting stats for the season:
Revis: 36-76, 499 yards, two TDs, two INTs, 11 pass breakups
Ryan: 29-52, 443 yards, two TDs, two INTs, five pass breakups
Browner: 29-55, 423 yards, two TDs, one INT, five pass breakups
Arrington: 23-44, 277 yards, one TD, two pass breakups
Dennard: 16-23, 221 yards, two TDs
Collins: 23-44, 210 yards, one interception, one TD, two INTs, one pass breakup
Chung: 22-41, 279 yards, four TDs, one INT, four pass breakups
Dont’a Hightower: 25-37, 181 yards, two pass breakups
Malcolm Butler: 13-24, 238 yards, two TDs, one pass breakup
Jerod Mayo: 12-16, 127 yards, one TD
Ninkovich: 11-15, 123 yards, one INT, one pass breakup
Devin McCourty: 11-20, 139 yards, two TDs, two INTs, three pass breakups
Tavon Wilson: 6-11, 85 yards, two pass breakups
Deontae Skinner: 5-5, 72 yards
Dominique Easley: 2-3, 25 yards, one INT
Chandler Jones: 2-3, 23 yards, two pass breakups
Casillas: 5-7, 22 yards, one TD
Nate Ebner: 2-4, 9 yards
Ayers: 2-4, 11 yards, one INT
Duron Harmon: 0-2, one INT
Chris White: 0-1
Vince Wilfork: one INT, one pass breakup
Alan Branch: one pass breakup

-It looked like the Jets had built a forcefield around Smith in the first half, when the Patriots were content to tone down their pass rush in favor of keeping the QB in the pocket. The Patriots’ pass rush came on late, when Smith was being forced to win the game with his arm.

-Dont’a Hightower had another solid game against the pass and run. His fourth-quarter sack pushed back the Jets’ field goal attempt, allowing Vince Wilfork to block it.

-Jamie Collins should have received half credit for Sealver Siliga’s sack last week. This week, Chandler Jones helped cause Siliga’s takedown of Smith. Jones tripped up Smith, and Siliga finished the job. This game marks the first time Jones has ever faced Smith — NFL and college — and not recorded a sack.

Check out this week’s pass-rush charting stats:
Chandler Jones: three QB hits, two hurries
Dont?a Hightower: one sack, three hurries
Sealver Siliga: one sack, two QB hits
Rob Ninkovich: one hurry

Check out the Patriots’ season-long pass-rush charting stats:
Ninkovich: eight sacks, 15 QB hits, 33 hurries, 55 pressures
Hightower: 6 sacks, 10 QB hits, 28 hurries, 47 pressures
Chandler Jones: 6 sacks, 12 QB hits, 21 hurries, 40 pressures
Ayers: three sacks, five QB hits, 21 hurries, 28 pressures
Collins: three sacks, nine QB hits, 10 hurries, 22 pressures
Wilfork: .5 sack, three QB hits, 15 hurries, 19 pressures
Chris Jones: 3 sacks, three QB hits, seven hurries, 12 pressures
Easley: .5 sack, one QB hit, six hurries, eight pressures
Jerod Mayo: one sack, one QB hit, four hurries, six pressures
Branch: three QB hits, two hurries, five pressures
Patrick Chung: two QB hits, three hurries, five pressures
Sealver Siliga: 2.5 sacks, three QB hit, six pressures
Joe Vellano: one sack, two hurries, three pressures
Casey Walker: one sack, two hurries, three pressures
Zach Moore: .5 sack, two hurries, three pressures
Tavon Wilson: one QB hit, two hurries, three pressures
Kyle Arrington: one sack, one QB hit, two pressures
Deontae Skinner: one sack, one hurry, two pressures
Logan Ryan: one QB hit, one hurry, two pressures
McCourty: two QB hits, two pressures
Casillas: one QB hit, two hurries, three pressures
Alfonzo Dennard: one hurry, one pressure

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