Green Power Ranger Wants To Go, Go And Fight CM Punk In His UFC Debut


admin-ajax (3)So, CM Punk and a former Power Ranger walk into the octagon …

It sounds like the beginning of a really weird joke, but it could become a UFC reality in the near future.

Phil Brooks — aka CM Punk — walked away from World Wrestling Entertainment almost a year ago, and on Saturday night, he announced he had signed a contract with the UFC. Less than 24 hours later, the challengers already have begun to call out Punk, with one of them being Jason David Frank, who might be more commonly known as Tommy, the Green Power Ranger.

Frank took to Instagram on Sunday to show just how badly he wants to take on the former WWE superstar when he makes his debut in 2015.

UFC owner Dana White said Saturday night that Punk’s first fight would come against a fellow newcomer, “who is 1-0, 1-1, 2-1 — something like that,” meaning Frank actually might get a shot. The former actor has racked up a 1-0 professional record and is 4-0 in amateur fights, with all of his wins coming in the first round.

“Jason’s actually been kind of toying with the idea of fighting CM Punk for over a year now,” Brian Butler, Frank’s manager from Suckerpunch Entertainment, told FOX Sports on Sunday. “They toured together on the Wizard World conventions, and they were doing appearances together, and the fans were kind of talking about it and it got some buzz about a year ago. It never really died down, but with the announcement last night, it flared back up.

“I got a text message from Jason right away saying, ‘He wants to fight at middleweight, too. I’d love to do it. He got away from me,’ just kind of joking around. But actually it makes a lot of sense.”

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@WTANCelebrity

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