Marshawn Lynch hasn’t endeared himself to the media, which is a big no-no — according to the media.

Lynch has done a terrific job of annoying reporters this week at the Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks running back mailed in media day and followed that up with another refusal to say anything of substance Wednesday.

That led to passionate takes from sportswriters across the country, but one columnist, Ed Sherman, might have the strongest opinion on the matter.

“Sports journalists unite,” Sherman wrote on “It’s time to boycott Skittles.”

It might seem strange that a grown man is calling for other adults to boycott a candy, and in a vacuum, it is. However, Lynch is endorsed by Skittles and even starred in a fake “news conference” that only upset some journalists more.

For Sherman, it’s all about respect, or a lack thereof on Lynch’s part.

“Skittles should be considered poison to any sports journalist who asks for respect in dealing with athletes,” Sherman opines.

Poison might be a bit strong (especially considering Skittles are the closest some media members come to eating fruit), but as anyone who has experience as a media member knows, the biggest “poison” facing sports journalists is the media buffet or the McDonalds down the road from the arena. But that’s neither here nor there.

Sherman also feels that by boycotting Skittles (we assume he’s still being serious), that maybe the candy company will take some sort of action against Lynch. And then maybe that will make the running back actually say meaningful words … ?

“However, sports journalists, and people who value some sense of decency, can make their voices heard by boycotting Lynch’s sponsor, Skittles. Hold the candy accountable for assisting Lynch in mocking the media with the phony press conference.”

Good luck with that.

H/t to The Big Lead

Thumbnail photo via Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports